Monday, July 03, 2006

You have probably noticed the shuttle buses around town, the ones from Talega.
They offer passage,for Talegalites, to downtown areas such as,Del Mar shopping area, The Pier Bowl and North Beach.
beginning next month, plans are to add several more busses. They will run every hour on the hour, to offer Talegalite kids passage to the ever popular surfing beach, San Onofre.
Park officials are said to be excited about the added revenue.


drunken old man said...

Who knows, next Talegalites will be given the right to vote, pay taxes, and mix with 92672 zip codes.

the guy on the next stool said...

Heaven forbid!

tipsy said...

Which one of you knocked me off my stool?
ps. talega sucks

Jack Schitt said...

Added revenue? WTF? Your telling me that a shuttle bus returning every hour is going to pay anything to drop off the little kooks. I think not.

Face it folks, Talega and overdevelopements as such are a blight. Urban sprawl is nothing more than a cancer on the face of this planet. And jackasses that pay such exhorbitant prices to live in such a place would probably test in the room temperature range when given an IQ test.

Diki Mora said...

What is that photo of?

Certainly not talega, for there are no trees there. Couldn't possibly be downtown San Clemente, for the sidewalk in the photo can accommodate two people walking side by side. The sidewalks on Del Mar St. are so friggen cluttered with crap one can barely walk single file.

As for "cool breezes", just who are they trying to fool?

Apparently 30,000 Talegalites.

Before You said...

These posts are kind of funny in a way, now maybe you have a clue as to the way many of us felt when you came here.

established san clementian said...

Welcome to San Clemente. We have a air conditioned motor coach leaving hourly for the Beaches of San Onofre.

Ranger H. Dairywhimple said...

I don't know how the kids will get into San Onofre, there is no dropping off and walking in at SanO and I don't think the buses are going to pay $10 an hour to get in and drop them off, and they need adult supervision since most of the time there is no lifeguard on duty!

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