Friday, September 01, 2006

Inflated dolls for deflated dreams...

Don't you have to wonder what's going on in this picture? I a’m desperately hoping this guy has very bad eyesight and thinks he is’ snapping pictures of hot babes, because the alternatives are too pathetic.

In fairness, there were supposed to be steamy lingerie models at this sex trade show in San Clemente , but they were unable to make it here for the show due to a mix up in flight schedules. So, in a common metaphor for modern life, plastic had to substitute for the real thing.

People still showed up at the event, but there was grumbling, and you probably could have made a fortune by selling information on where the steamy models went. thurs korea 300.jpg

This is said to be Mayor Murphy's private collection.


Boo said...

Is that Roy Gonzalezs' art show last night?

ricky ricardo said...

is that quartet singing "row, row, row your boat"?
please no...
wash that man right out of my hair?

Grumpy said...

the one in stockings has sideburns - an inflatable cross-dresser??

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