Sunday, September 10, 2006

Voodoo at Sano?

I woke up this morning as usual, about 4:30 am. A typical Sunday, load up head to Sano and hope for is waves.

I opened the front door and something fell at my feet. I reached down to pick it up. It's a little doll, not an ordinary doll, a little male Voodoo Doll.

There was a note tied to it, with a string around the tiny penis and the testicles were red. I removed it, to read the note. It said anonymous.
Somebody may have cast Voodoo on you Anonymous.
E-mail me as soon as possible, maybe we can reverse this. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment.


Anonymous said...

If you think that penis is, proportionally, tiny, then my hat is off to you Doctor Ralph.
It probably is supposed to me since that penis, ‘tiny’ in your opinion, is proportionally correct to my anatomy.

Dr. Ralph said...

It should be, the first lier does'nt stand a chance.

Beelzeboob said...

It is time to face your fears anonymous. Stop changing the subject when confronted. Time for you to grovel on the Lake of fire.

angel of mercy said...

Yo Raph-o, who da fugg-a
is Beelzeboob. He don't chit.

Weightwatchers said...

NEWS FLASH! I saw the mayor out at the sandbar yesterday morning, and has he lost some weight! Still rip-n too!

jennie craig said...

WWI, what sandbar, how much is some weight, I, too, was there, the only thing he ripped was his K-Mart boardshorts, and that was right up the crotch. I saw Rangers tell him to leave, but he held his ground. Why would anyone surf in the middle of a contest amyways?

Don Craig said...

I thought all those people were there to see me!

Anonymous said...

No sickening sweet tribute to the "heroes" of 9/11?
You guys are slipping.

puttzle said...

We leave that to the likes of you, anonymous.

Anonymous - link here said...

Some of the real story of 9/11, some of the rhethoric cut out. Read about the jeans in the fire truck, and who were not "cowards"

Anonymous said...

a little more truth about your firemen "heroes":

" The firemen wanted to reclaim their dead, and they were not, in the words of one, ready to turn the pile into a construction site. It was already that, however, for under the direction of the DDC, the construction companies on site “were pursuing the most aggressive possible schedule of demolition and debris removal.” But if some of the firefighters resented this, and they did, they had also rubbed others the wrong way. Some construction workers didn’t like the way the firefighters treated the civilian dead, differently from their own; the firefighters would shut down the operation for up to three days at a time, sparing no effort to recover their dead intact, then — to some, callously — suggest extracting other victims by cutting away limbs if that were the quickest way. There were the “moralistic airs” and “hero stuff” that grated on the nerves of other workers, many of whom, especially the ironworkers, faced danger every day on the pile with as much equanimity as anyone. And then there was the discovery of a firetruck’s hulk underneath the rubble, containing not bodies but dozens of new pairs of jeans from The Gap, in what was once the World Trade Center’s mall. That’s all it took for some construction workers to jeer, and feel justified in their growing contempt for and impatience with, America’s bravest.

“It was hard,” Langewiesche writes, “to avoid the conclusion that the looting had begun even before the first tower fell, and that while hundreds of doomed firemen had climbed through the buildings, this particular crew had been engaged in something else entirely, of course without the slightest suspicion that the South Tower was about to hammer down.”"

not to mention:

"The real fight was about money. The firemen were getting paid overtime wages of double and triple their normal rates. The construction workers not getting paid overtime. But the City didn't have the political will to remove the "hero" firmen whose union leaders went on TV nightly crying about removing their dead with dignity, etc. But in the backroom of the union hall, it was all about getting overtime wages for their union members for as long as they possible could."

Dr. Ralph said...

If it is your mission in life, Anonymous to piss me off. You have done so. Anything you want is here on the internet, be it good,bad or otherwise. So here on San-O-Daze we watch our p's and Q's, howerver as a former Fire Fighter Captain, for Orange County Fire Authority. FUCK YOU and the horse you ride. Go ahead and confront me on this matter and we will settle it.

Anonymous said...

That you are Doctor and Captain Ralph does not impress me.

You're right. Everything is on the internet, including TRUTH. See this news release from the department of justice, about another fire fighter captain, also retired:


FRESNO-- United States Attorney McGregor W. Scott announced today that on June 1, 2006, a federal grand jury sitting in Fresno returned an indictment against RONALD HARRISON KUNZLER, 42, of Bakersfield, California . . .

RONALD HARRISON KUNZLER, was a Fire Captain with the Bakersfield City Fire Department where he was employed for over 20 years . . . "

I am just the messenger of truth. You can hate the messenger, but it does not change the message of truth.

Being a fire fighter captain only means to me that you got paid for hours that you slept at the station house on the chance you might be called out for something, and that any time that there was a big fire, you all got overtime pay. That does not make you a hero.

It just makes you someone who saw an opportunity to get paid to sit around waiting for the fire bell to ring so you can send five trucks out because some cat got caught in a tree, and then return to the station house so the neighborhood women can bring you cookies and cakes because your union bosses have sold the propaganda that you are “heroes” to those of weak and feeble mind, including fire fighter chiefs who swallow the union propaganda.

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