Thursday, September 14, 2006

This gal just looked at San-O Daze on her laptop. She must have read something by Dr. Ralph, so to speak.


Rodney King, Porn staR said...


The headline should read:


"If it is your mission in life, Anonymous to piss me off. You have done so. Anything you want is here on the internet, be it good,bad or otherwise. So here on San-O-Daze we watch our p's and Q's, howerver as a former Fire Fighter Captain, for Orange County Fire Authority. FUCK YOU and the horse you ride. Go ahead and confront me on this matter and we will settle it.
# posted by Dr. Ralph : 9/12/2006 8:37 PM

Can't we all just get it on?

f.lee bailey said...

Wasn't that Attomey Steve Lehman that wrote that for Rodney?

Doctor Doolittle said...

Dr. Ralph,
A word of caution:
Read this article before you proceed with that horse fucking plan.

Dr. Tubesteak said...

Get that woman a bigger bag, stat!

Dr. Freud said...

Your diagnosis is

Anonymous said...

What the hell kind of personality type is so sick that she is vomitting, but she won't leave the bar?
For Christ sake, go home.
That is the sickest vomiting picture ever posted here, Dingo.

curious said...

Which one is Dr.Ralph?

Miss Manners said...

We watch our Ps and Qs here?
Since when?
Did you mean to say that we
watch T and A here?
And who uses an expression from the 16th century anymore?

Karen Carpenter said...

Woman blows Dr.Ralph!

Reynold Markson said...

I'll watch my pints and quarts go right down my gullet.

not the monitor said...

1. You have all been fooled.

2. Those posts couldn't have been from Dr. Ralph. He's not that crude. True, every man has his limits, but Dr. Ralphs' buttons aren't going to be pushed to the limit by some anonymous blog troll.

3. It is probably the blog monitor messing with your brains. Who else has the power to disguise himself as someone else?

echo echo said...

And that bears repeating!

puttzle said...

I don't like double comments and 'cleaned up' the duplicate before I saw your comment, echo. So sorry.

The blog monitor said...

Hello not the monitor,

Lesson 1: Calling someone a fool is like saying "Who farted?"

Lesson 2: The blog monitor has a hard time finding brains to play with around here.

Lesson 3: Don't mess with Dr. Ralph.

Upchuck said...

It looks like some sort of applejuice with chunks of carrots and soy product.

echo echo said...

You are a tolerant man, Puttzle. That is a good thing. Anonymous doesn't get to you.
But then again, I never thought that Dr. Ralph would crack either.

break like the wind said...

Lesson 1: Calling someone a fool is like saying "Who farted?"

Blog monitor:

Sadly, I guess that am one of the brain impaired. COuld you explain this to me?
I am not joking. I just want to get it.

makes me ill said...

It is another bizarre photo. No one seems to know or care that she's hurling into a clear plastic bag for all to view.

The blog monitor said...

Hello break like the wind.

One lesson only.

Lesson 1: He who smelt it, dealt it.

The Galluping Gormet said...

What's gotten into you philosophers of the human condition? That poor woman is not ralphing. She's hyperventilating into a back of tomato puree.

Dr. Ralph said...

Move over Phil Hendry and Howard Stern, we are just getting started.

puttzle said...

You must not be paying attention, echo echo. I've taken my shots at anonymous.

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