Thursday, September 14, 2006

Radio Flyer

When I was young, my father worked at JPL and we lived in Pasadena. We had a great big back yard and my brother and I would play for hours on his Radio Flyer wagon. Often on Sundays, my father would take the family to Huntington Beach, but sometimes to San Onofre. It was very different then. We went in through a military gate. We used to picnic by a little creek with oak trees that was maybe 7 miles or so from the military gate. It was a very pretty area. Afterwards, if we had behaved, he would take us down to San Onofre and we could swim if the waves weren't too big. Sometimes we would get to stay until the sun set.


dowden the great said...

Wednesday, we hear tou! You are typical San Onofre.

critic said...

Sorry,your post is off topic.

Proper topics here include:
naked women.
women drivers.
Officer Bob.
San-O Daze readers.
butt boarders.
fat women.
paddle outs.
the dirt road.
stupid people.
things in the ocean.
wind vanes.
the penis.
attacking anonymous.

Massive Dump said...

Diarrhea is also a proper topic for this blog.

Dr Zaius said...

The Critic'c right you know.

DeaD CRoCoDiLe HuNTeR said...

Who farted?

P.T. Nonymous said...

Thaks, critic.
I had all those things in my dream last night.

Mr. French said...

Wait a minute, that's Jody!

puttzle said...

Everyone's a critic.

It's SHERIFF Bob, not Officer Bob.

You forgot kites and those stand-up paddle guys. Oh, and Dr. Ralph.

Anonymous said...

1. The stand up paddle guys are all Talegites.

2. The kites are covered in the wind
vanes topic.

3. Captain Doctor Ralph is my hero.

puttzle said...

'Bout time you came around, anonymous.

grumpy said...

You're joking, right puttzle?
I mean, you didn't thaink that was the real anonymous?

puttzle said...

One never knows and can only hope.

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