Friday, September 29, 2006

San Clementians 'stalk' victims in city-wide game

Dingo approaches a heavily guarded truck in a secluded parking lot in an industrial area of San Clemente to pick up his orders -- to "stalk" and "kill" his target.

But all is not what it seems.

Dingo, a regular at San Onofre surfing beach , is playing "StreetWars," a version of a popular high school and college game "Assassins" that kicked off in San Clemente on Monday with around 240 players.

Dingo is given a photo, name, home and work addresses and phone number of a target whom he must pursue and "kill" with a water pistol, water balloon or other water-based soaking, while eluding the player who is coming after him.

"I thought it would be fun, a way to meet new people, even if I die in the first week," said Dingo.

Contestants pay $40 to enter. The winner gets $500, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a water gun mounted on a trophy.

Game co-founder Anonymous, dressed in a vintage suit and aviator glasses, also known as the Supreme Commander, said the game was born largely out of boredom.

"As a kid we used to get around and play in parks, and use the city as a playground," said Anonymous, a 75-year-old lawyer. "I kind of wanted to make it a place to play in again, particularly as an adult."

Others agree. After making its debut in San Clemente, "StreetWars" has been played in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, London and Vienna, Austria, with games also planned for Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Anonymous plans to develop the game into a reality TV show.


inquiring mind said...

What the hell?
Is Anonymous your buddy now?!!?!??

Alex Trebeck said...

Say what now?

I smell big money said...

Sydney will make a fortune on this.

It will happen like this. Dingo goes to shoot someone with his squirt gun, but the guy he goes to shoot is not part of the game. Dingo has found the wrong guy, not unlike the Israeli assassins who killed the wrong guy after the 1972 Olympics.

The innocent guy, a UPS delivery man, thinks he's about to be shot, so he pulls out his 45 and shoots back, hitting Dingo twice. Both bullets pass through Dingo, one of which strikes local surfboard shaper "Mooney" in the head. Mooney's wife is widowed and his children orphaned.

Sydney successfully sues everyone who ever played the game on a "global conspiracy" theory, so that each is held individually liable, except "anonymous," who fled to the Phillipines, which does not extradite for conspiray cases.

Later Sydney marries the widow, much like that lawyer who married Anna Nicole Smith this week.

Dingo said...

Hmmmm! Only Sydney could "smell big money". I wonder......

Dr. Ralph said...

Hmmm...... Indeed Dingo.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...... Indeed Doctor Ralph

Col. Klink said...

Hmmm...... Indeed.
I smell something too.
Who farted?

Pepe Le Phew said...

He who smelt it dealt it, Col.

I don't know said...

Who is on first base?

I.DUNNO! said...

What's on second?

The Real Col. Klink said...

Das ist nicht die reell der Oberst Klink. Das dummkopf ist der scharlatan sennenhund.

TV fan said...

Der real Col. Klink only spoke in English. However, he farted in both French and German.

RON MEXICO ~~~ # 7 said...

Col. Klink:
I've got some lab results that I have to go over with you.

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