Sunday, June 08, 2008

archy attacked by not so funny crapper

upon entering archy rices motorhome i noticed a foul smell. He told me the toilet had malfunctioned. We then discovered a would practical joker defecated in the shower. This is not practical or a joke, very disgusting indeed.


porter potty said...


E.S.L. spellcheck said...

What country are you from?

Anonymous said...

e.s.l. spellcheck...
ESL, do you really mean,
"from what country are you". I'm not sure I'd end a sentence with a preposition such as *from*. Do you want to change it?


e.s.l. said...

Anon #16

It's called being facetious.

Get it?

stammerhead said...

Thanks,esl, are you sure you don't want ficticious. I would.


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