Tuesday, June 17, 2008

TubeSteak Rides Again

Last Sunday, Tubesteak paddled out for one last go of it. He caught this rogue set and rode it from the Point all the way to Old Man's. We remain in utter awe of this man.


Anonymous said...

You can't fool us. Thats not mr. tubesteak he's a regularfoot, that guys a goofyfooter, must be the mayor.

male model said...

Oh Spin, anytime "one lasr go out" is mentioned it frieghtens Tubes no end. It indictes there shall be no more 'go outs'for him. Why, you ask? Anumber of years back they had a shove-out at Doe Hoe for 'Pappy Procter' who wanted to make to 100. He fell one year short. They had a last 'go out'for him.
There was no ceamation, no ashes, nothing, zilch, nada. They, and you know who they are, pleced his unembalmed remains on his board, then shoved him off.
All on the beach sang Aloha Oe. Tubes was there declaring he wanted to be laid to rest in a coffin, and buried either in the dirt or forever entombed in the Legend's Mmausoleum.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lordie, how morbid. Pray for their souls, now and forever after.

Anonymous said...


Nice try Anon' #1. You were fooled big time. Like Stale Docson, Butch van Artsdalen, David, and Jerry, are screwfooters (over here we call them goofy feeters. Tubes is a switch feeter.

sore left ball said...

I'm sorry, don't you mean Dale Dobson?

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