Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fans Nos. 10,000,002 and 10,000,003 of Tubesteak’s Video Blog Tubesteak


gentle blogger said...

Dear Mr.Carton. I've been a faithful disciple of Steak's blog for two years. Now, where do you get the gall to depict these coughers who appear to be inmates of the USC Medical Center, as you know, is LA County Memorial
General Hospital.

henny youngman said...

he's got so much gaul that he's a mess



gentle blogger said...

Henny, do you mean Saul rather than Gaul?

Anonymous said...

Hello San-O-DazeTubes offers his sincerest apologies for interloping to your uncanny blog. He admires all the bros at 4 Doors, Dog Patch, Old Fellows, many friends Murphy, Spin, Mayor, Sidney, and especially the fellows he loves taunting about the "Point", yes Tubes agrees there is a firm and definate point in existance. Tubes mentions he's never taken the sport seriously. His exact words are paddle-outs are for career surfers, e.g. those over 40.

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