Friday, July 25, 2008

Congratulations Rich

HUNTINGTON BEACH – Surf history was embraced Thursday morning at the 15th annual Surfing Walk of Fame, where inductees spoke about favorite memories, and what it means to be honored in front of Jack's Surf Shop.

For local legend Rich Chew, pictured above, the Southern California way of life was perfect.

Checking out the good looking ladies while lifeguarding during summers, then off to Hawaii to surf in the winters. Of course, flights to Hawaii back in the day were only $99. And gas was a whopping 50 cents.The former San Clemente lifeguard, who still surfs five days a week, recalls being able to drive down Pacific Coast Highway and know everyone on the beach.

Chew – like many of his fellow honorees – recalled the good ol’ days during the Surfing Walk of Fame ceremony in front of Jack’s Surf Shop, an awards ceremony now in its 15th year.


willy the mailboy said...

Hec, this goes way bach
when. I think it was Seal Beach for Rich's 40 birthday party, and it was the Mother of All birthdays, that's for sure.

murphy said...

Congratulations Rich! By the way you missed some fun surf yesterday morning.

church lady said...

this idiot and his type are smoking pot in front of my children while parading around as a supposed christian. i only have one question: wwjd you MF'er

real man said...

Do you have one where he isn't crying like some idiot chick who won an Oscar?

Anonymous said...

Oh jeeze, Church Lady and Real Man, about whom are you speaking, if I may ask.

Cissie the Mail Girl

Anonymous said...

Church Lady ( and I use the term losely), when did you see Richard smoking pot infront of your children? When did you give him an IQ test declairing him an idiot? Does God know you use criptic profanity. Oh wait maybe I didn't get the memo that God was leaving you in charge.

Moon Phase