Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jesse Jackson Drops The "N" Bomb.

The same Jesse Jackson who called on the entertainment industry, including rappers, to stop using the N-Word, and who also urged the public to BOYCOTT the DVD set of "Seinfeld" after Michael Richards was taped using the word during a rant at a Los Angeles comedy club in 2006 - 8 years after after the TV series was over, used the N-Word himself when referring to blacks when he said Obama was telling them how to behave.

Story here, and, tomorrow EVERYWHERE.


fats flannighan said...

that Jesse Jackson, what a niggah!

in watts said...

Go back to Afreeeka and see how yalll do without the white man? That's all of you!

rosa parks said...

'Nobody Knows the Troubles That I've Seen', you honkies.

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