Sunday, July 13, 2008

Special Report

From John R. (Special to San-O Daze)

San Onofre, CA. - A 48-year-old man was charged Friday with disorderly conduct for allegedly lying about seeing two great white sharks, one off of San Onofre and the other off of Doheney State Beach, authorities said.

San Clemente police Chief Bob Kiefer said Archie Rice warned people to get out of the water at San Onofre State Beach on Thursday. Rice claimed he had seen a shark about 22 feet long and 3,000 pounds while he was on a stand up paddle board just off the power plant.

Officials closed the beach, but Kiefer said investigators later determined Rice was lying.

When asked by detectives where he got the board, Rice became very combative and was suspected of being high or drunk although no tests were administered, Kiefer said.

There was no listing for Rice in the city's directory. Kiefer said he had heard that Rice had asked attorney Sidney Carton, Esq. to represent him, but he was turned down.

A second beach, Doheney State Beach was closed because Rice was seen "chumming" dog remains from his kayak and then claimed to have seen the second shark, slightly larger at 28 feet and 6,000 pounds— a short while later a retired lifeguard from San Clemente said he had seen the great white shark as well.

The beaches were reopened Friday.


fats flannighan said...

I see Archie is up to no good once again. When will he ever learn. Excellent reporting Pretzel.

Anonymous said...

This Archibald Rice is a mental case. I concur Kiefer, Carton Jr Esq. Est. Ltd., should be admonished by Sosc Bod post haste.

Shotzy Shaffer said...

I will tell you people one time, Archy rice has been besmirched by these blue eyed devils . Have you seen the mans "package"?? (you know what i mean) that thing looms large in the drawers.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Shotzy, how'r they hanging? FYI, I is an insomniac, unable to sleep at all, I toss and turn all night long. You remark Rice was,'besmirched
by those Blue Eyed Devils'.
Might you be referincing the Duke University Basketball team?

Anonymous said...

John r. has no foot to stand on!

Anonymous said...

I once complained about having no shoes until
I met a man with no feet.

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