Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Want To Interview The Great Tubesteak?

Yep, it's nearly impossible to get into see The Great One. At this reporter's suggestion, Mrs. Steak has installed a "take a number" dispenser on Tube's umbrella'd beach lounge. Now we can just drop by, take a number and then return in a few hours time for a face to face. No more waiting in long lines.



Oh, my land, Spin, I am Tubesteak's representation.
The Tubes would entertain questions that pertain to him, and not actual surfboard riding, that, as you know, went out with
Hula-Hoops. All questions must be submitted in writing. Accepted questions will be shown on Tube's Vblog.

Anonymous said...

I have one question, please. Why are there no catering trucks at San Onofre, anyways. Mybe
I want a breakfast burrito, or a XLNT hot tamale, maybbe a giant steaming Kielbasa with spicy mustard, and lotsa onions and chili peppers. That San Onofre beach needs something, and fast. Petro is too expensive to drive all the way up to Ralph's.




Spin Evans said...

That's okay as I think we're onto something here with the catering trucks. That is a helluva idea but I'm sure the state would put the kabash on it.

paul bunyon esq. said...

Spin, not so. Tony's Market from San Clemente sent on a daily basis a well loaded Tony's Fat Foods. It was a blessing for sure. Apple, grape, carrot, all sorts, ice old buried in shaved ice, assorted sandwiches from hard salami, bologna, sliced cheese, Jewish Rye, horseradish, pizza, the woiks. The SOS BOD, ddn't go for it. No, Spin, it wasn't the State, weho approved it, but he ruling class, and I know you know who they are, yep the BOD.
The worse was when a disabled War Vet attempted to sell inflated helium balloons to the kiddies. SOSC BOD squshed it. That, too, was squelched by the Club wearing their 'United We Stand Divided We Fall'
Club Bulkey Tees. FYI, Spin Evans it ain't the State, it's the Club.

Anonymous said...

Hola amigos, que tal? Mi nombre es Faustimo Carlos Valdez Morales. I wprk and drive a converted catering truck serving San Clemente citizens. Our spcialty are are red Delicious apples, 5lb. bag of oranges,
tostados, Fritos, Nehi soda, daily copies of La Opinion, peso exchange, lottery tickets. Our custom,ers are unemployed local roofers and framers. Next week we are having a snow one machine installed.

fats flannighan said...

I have heard that the boys at the Point only eat Quiche' so they are the ones who stopped the catering trucks.

art linkletter said...

I have number 32,155. He is still on #2. How long will that take?

Anonymous said...

Fats, bro, real men don't eat quiche. What's this Point very one talks about. Do they mean Dana Point, oh' what?

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