Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost Play Doll Found At The Point

The name tag on the doll is "Big Jim" and was found at the point this morning. If anyone by chance recognizes this doll or know's the owner, please notify me and I will gladly return it. Those speedos do look familiar don't they?


Anonymous said...

Pretzel, any idea who belongs to this?

murphy said...

Oh thank you Spin for finding Big Jim. I thought Shotsy had stolen him again. He can't seem to keep his hands off him. Big Jim used to be a Stud Double on Bay Watch.

lewie o'doul said...

damn, that little fella has one helluva package.

Jorge said...

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fernando pasquale' said...

Hola Jorge', que paso?

jos b said...

we don't need no stinking illegals talkin on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Fernando, are you sure you don't mean 'que pasa'?

u may bee next said...

don't encourage them anonymous.

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