Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fan No. 10,000,017 of Tubesteak’s Video Blog Tubesteak


PEG-LEG said...

KIDNEY ESQ., THIS AIN'T FUNNY. I AM AN AMPUTEE, I LOST MY LEFT LEG BECAUSE OF MAURADING PREDATOR OFF THE AUSTRAILIAN COAST. It is true, when they attack yheir eyes turn black when the membrane closes to protect.

Anonymous said...

Sydney Carton Esq., Jr,. Est. why do you post triteness about Tubesteak, Gidget, San Onofre Dogs, and that argle-bargle anyways. Does not the Club have the Annuaui Haw'n Garden's Luau Al Gee,
Kahuna this weekend?


el cordobes said...

Sydney the Kidney, we sure love the talking shark, however, I hope it's not a GWS

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