Monday, August 25, 2008


Obama Biden
Osama Binladen


Anonymous said...

And both Obama and Biden share September 11th as their birthdays, although different years.

Anonymous said...

Anon', truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

what say you said...

I hear that Obama has asked sylvester Stalone and Nancy Pelosi to be his running mates. They are going to run on the card as:

"Sambo, Rambo and Bimbo"!

zero hero said...

'What Say You', you certainly can't be serious. Is that you Spin trying to bamboozle us using another nom de blog. Well, yes or no? And Spin, as a footnote, did you know Betty Boop's pet dog's name was Bimbo. I know you didn't.

toots mahoney said...

Zero Hero, I can vouch for Spin, dat ain't him doin da talkin.

Anonymous said...

Well alright, Toots, who is it Edgar Bergin?

Anon' 3

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