Monday, August 18, 2008

New Signs At San-O Kiosk Line

Due to several complaints from the early morning RV crowd, new signs will be going up today all along the entrance to the kiosk. Evidently, some RVer's have complained of excessive, deliberate shouting, provoked dog barking & howling, fowl language and loud whistling in the early morning hours before San Onofre opens. A rather huge man was seen acosting and elderly woman early Sunday morning. He was seen holding something large in his hand while shouting, "why don't you stuff this in your mouth you old bag?". Numberous noise complaints have recently been filed by several RVer's who like to arrive at San Onofre near midnight, then sleep in their RV's until the kiosk opens. Some have even reported fights breaking out between the locals and RVer's. The new new noise abatement policy will take effect on Friday, August 22nd.

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Spin Evans said...

I am truly disappointed that not a single one of you outcasts even commented on this. This is a very big deal.

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