Saturday, August 09, 2008

News Of My Demise Is Premature

Due to ongoing IRS issues and inevitable prison time, I have decided to relocate to sunny Bolivia. I cashed in my I.G.G. Fund (ill gotten gains) and headed for sunny Zihuatanejo for some waves and fun at La Saladita then off to Bolivia. Before leaving, I filled my kayak with my gear along with about 50 lbs of bloody meat, shoved it out to sea, thus the bogus shark attack. Sorry if I worried you all but the Spin is safe and sound and loving life. I will contact you all again when able.


CLINT said...

Spin, sweetheart-baby, I think we have box-office here. This fits right up there with Endless
Summer I, Surfwise, and Big Wednesday. Actually, Millius would love to sink his teeth into thi one. We can start pre-production next week, scout locations, then the casting issue. Who plays Spin during his early years. Any input here?

Anonymous said...


i love commas said...

Bend over, anonymous, and we'll give you our input.

Anonymous said...

Golly, 'I love', in your case shouldn't that read, I love comas.

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