Thursday, August 07, 2008

Surfing Calendar 2008

I ordered this calendar without seeing it. The description said that it was a "Surf's Up Boardriding Calendar." I suppose that is true, as far as it goes, but every month turned out to be a nude guy, or sometimes 2 or 3. Here's the mildest pose.

Did I miss some obvious "code words" in the description of the calendar or something? I ask because I am not the market to which this calendar is so clearly targeted. I mean, I remember when "gay" meant carefree, really happy, or joyful; and now it is a synonym for homosexuality. Did the meaning of "Surf's Up" or "Boardriding" change when I wasn't paying attention?

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Anonymous said...

Surfing at SanO has always been gay. It has the most limp wristed wave in the world. They try to hide their homosexuality by arguing about the point, shoulder hopping, speeding cars, Mexicans, the Mayor's shorts, etc.

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