Friday, June 02, 2006


When I had heard someone kidnapped the Pillsbury Doughboy, I made my way back to the OutHouse where I was held! As I came upon the structure there was a guard posted outside. I raised my digital camera and took a picture (thinking it may be the The Blog Monitor) and wanted to share his identity with everyone. However when I got home and down loaded the photo to my PC, this is what I got! Could the The Blog Monitor be an ALIEN from another world? Or could it be he has lived to close to the San Onofre Power Plant for to long? Or is he just plain WEIRD!


Titsonymous said...

Not getting many comments on last series of postings.

Best post some jugs.

The blog monitor said...


Lesson 1: I keep telling you, I didn't abduct you or anyone.

Lesson 2: I am fishing in Montana.

Lesson 3: You better back off.

murphy said...


Moon Phase