Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Point


corkysurf@aol.com said...

Q. I kind of want to starting getting into surfing at different spots locally. Not talking like a kook, I would say that I am probably an intermediate level surfer. My mom took me and my brother down to Lowers a few months back. I loved the surf, but they weren't too high on the drive or the walk or the rocks. Could you please recommend some local spots that would suit my skill level?

A. You should try San Onofre. Great spot for intermediates and easy to get to, park right on the beach and no walk at all, plus bathrooms etc.


Corky, you are right on! 'Nofre is the ideal spot for all types from kooks to Club members. Clean toilets cleaned three times a day, no attitudes, nothing but good good vibes. Btw, Carol was asking about you the other day.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic.

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