Friday, June 30, 2006


Dingo is shown here fishing with one of the DogPatch Locals (in the hat) hoping to catch a CATFISH!

(and yes, they did use the little blue baggies to pick up after themselves)


Dr. Dolittle said...

They were subsequently cited by Ranger D., for being on the beach and not wearing a restraining device. Dingo became so acrimonious that he bit Ranger D. right on the gluteus maximus inflicting a very painful puncture wound.

Dr. Ralph said...

Nice to see you back, Murphy.

Al Lee said...

That's the same citation that BK got when he was on the beach.

Too Smart said...

You can't fool me! That's the mayor on the can tell by the red hat.

Jaba The Hut said...

If that hat is Red, I'll eat it!

KC ant the Sunshine Band said...

The mayor hasn't seen that much hair since Saturday Night Fever!

Investigative Reporter said...


San Clemente, CA. (UPI) - Police in this west Coast California town say they have seized a digital camera with images of local celebrity Dingo and a Dogpatch local at San Onofre for an investigation by San Clemente authorities.

Local police, accompanied by state police and Secret Service officers, went to the San Clemente home of a man only identified by authorities as “Turtle”on Saturday to recover a digital camera's memory stick after three photos that appeared on the Internet were tracked to him, police said Saturday.

Officers then went to Precision Camera and Video Specialists in Tustin, CA., where Turtle works, and recovered the camera. It remains in custody of San Clemente police.

No one has been arrested or charged in the case. It was unclear who took the photos.

Turtle did not return telephone calls Saturday.

"It's an ongoing investigation, and we cannot comment," said C. Plink, a spokesman for the Orange County prosecutor's office.

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