Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What do these things have in common?

1. Seventy days at a Hawaiian hotel.
2. A sex change operation.
3. An all-inclusive Caribbean vacation.
4. Five season tickets to professional football games.
5. "Girls Gone Wild" videos.
6. Dom Perignon champagne.

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Spoiler:   You paid for them , along with at least a billion dollars more in Katrina victim fraud, thanks to FEMA  


The blog monitor said...


Dan Quail said...

Classic government in action.

alex traveck said...

They were party favors at Dr. Ralph’s on Saturday night.

Brownhole said...

Getting a little fancy there, Sydney.

Dewey Screwem & Howe, Lawyers said...

"Yikes!" is copyrighted and trademarked by Dr. Ralph. You will be getting a letter from us. We are his legal representatives.

Stray Goose said...

Give # 2 to Brownhole.

The blog monitor said...

I warned you to stop imitating me.

The blog monitor said...

The blog monitor does not like to have his username appropriated! The previous two comments in this post are not from me, The REAL blog monitor.


Lesson 1: It's 'YIKES', not Yikes.

Lesson 2: I would consider selling my username to you.

Lesson 3: Where's the picture?

Bill Gates said...

How much?

Donald Trump said...

Let's not get in a bidding war, now.

Armond Hammer said...

I won prize # 2 at the party.
I'm not going to use it, but my wife is thinking about using it.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...


"The blog monitor" owns the name, but before bidding, you should know that his soul is not included in the deal.

Once at SanO, sitting by the bamboo near bathroom four, I saw a dwarfishly small old man holding a small highly polished ebony box with a golden latch. The day was heavily overcast. The air was cold and the cloud-shadowed seas were awash with wind chop. The man wore an old weather-stained dark green cloak, a size too big. I think it probably was originally dark green, but it was so well used that it might have originally been brown. The cloak had a hood and he wore it covering his head and much of his face. He sat on a piece of drift wood, hunched over, gazing into the box, the lid of which was only opened a crack. I could see a white within white glow reflecting off his deeply worn face. When I went to get around the bamboo to come up behind him in order to see inside the box, he was gone.

I later learned that what was in the box was said to be a small piece of the blog monitor’s soul for safe keeping, so that should anything happen to him, at least a small piece of his soul would remain at SanO.

observer 557.3 (beta) said...

Caution: Sydney Carton, Esq., is no lawyer. He is obviously a computer geek, and probably the blog monitor too!

Mou Buce said...

Forgive me for being on topic, but this is classic government waste, classic Bush administration.

Dr. Ralph said...

"YIKES", might be in order here by me.

Pat Robertson said...

It wouldn't matter who was in office, Democrat or Republican. It would have been even worse if Clinton, gore or Kerry where in office, can you imagine how much those bleeders would give?

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

This is the problem for citizens trapped in a two party system. Republicans and Democrats know that by cooperating with each other to exclude any real chance of other candidates, they limit the ebb and flow of public favor to the two parties. That way, over time, they are assured of avoiding political starvation, and in all likelihood, can fatten up at the government trough every few years.

They can afford to look the other way when there are abuses of the public, and waste of the public’s money, because their turn will come and they can fatten up again to get through any period of the other party being in control. Likewise, they know that they each are both peppered with enough bad eggs that, in the end, they serve themselves by doing little about political corruption, or much of anything else, by politicians in the adverse party.

Further, the politicians are actually better off having one party to hold up to their contributors, and hopefully scare them enough to get donations. Modernly, most political contributions are not given to the party because it has a plan or a cause, but rather, to defeat the purported “evil” that will befall if the opposing party/candidate, is elected, or some threatened legislation is passed. People give money much more quicky, and in greater amounts, to defeat a candidate, or to defeat legislation, than the converse. Fear is the motivation most used by the modern American political system.

The second largest political contributions are those given by corporations and special interest groups to the second party. That is, they of course give money to the party most affiliated with their view, but then to hedge their bet, they very often give a lesser amount to the opposition, because, by having a two party system there is only two ways for the election to go, and either way, they still want to be able to further their political and financial goals. The two party system is the best at keeping the money flowing to the political parties, but it probably is the worst at providing what government should provide to its citizens.

But you knew this.

Use small words said...

Dude, u talk 2 much.

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