Friday, June 09, 2006


Services were held today for The Points own Terry McCann. Its was a very large but somber crowd. Terry was loved by so many people, and he touched the lives of many of us who knew him. The stories that were told of him today could make a wonderful book of inspiration for everyone. I came away feeling warm and lucky to have known him, let alone be his friend. There will be a very large hole in the line-up at The Point, and we will miss the little man ( little only in height) with the BIG heart, and his goggles with his total stoke for surfing and the people he surfed with. He will never be forgotten. WE ALL LOVE YOU TERRY!


puttzle said...

Makes all the nonsense going on in the blog small time, doesn't it.

I feel as you do Murphy, I am a better person for having known Terry and calling him a friend. Until we meet again Terry, Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Yes putzie, but life moves foward. Blog's are nrver small time.

puttzle said...

Wrong again anonymous! Compared to what that man gave to the world, blogs are small potatos, or potatoes as Dan Quayle would say.

Life does go on, that I will agree upon.

puttzle said...

And don't call me 'putzie'!

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