Thursday, June 01, 2006


After being abducted by "The Blog Monitor" and treated with cruel and unusual punishment, I was finally able to make my escape! He was saying some awful bad things about Puttzle, Dingo and Drralph too! He forced me to drink water from San Juan Creek and eat burritos from Pedro's taco's that had been thrown in the trash! He kept me naked and tied on the toilet so I did have to be moved at all! He's an evil man, and he kept saying to himself over and over:

Lesson 1: I hate that San-O Daze group

Lesson 2: I'll fix everyone of those bastards

Lesson 3: If I had a Hammer (peter paul & mary)

He's SICK I tell you! Watch your backs and keep a sharp eye out, he WILL try and strike again!
So for now, I'm outa here!


puttzle said...

I sure am glad I live in a place far, far away!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one kinky weekend.

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