Thursday, May 01, 2008

Another Shark Attack in North San Diego Today

I got me another tasty surfer today but didn't finish him off. I heard he is gonna make it. There is always next time. Be careful out there.


Mike Nelson said...

the deep blue ain't no place to be messin around, especially on those dang surfboards.

big n' thick said...

It's true, alright. An older gentleman swimming with elderly chums was attacked, mauled, thrown high into the air, attaked for a second time by a crazed predator. The attack took place in front of terrified onlookers at Tamarack surf beach. The aged fellow was DOA at Mercy Hospital.

shananonymous said...

maybe they can blame henry ford for the attack. he seems to get bagged on for everything else.

Anonymous said...

SHANANONYMOUS, Henry Ford is yesterday's news. BK is the 'Boss With the Hot Sauce'. Get with it, please.


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