Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spin Hails From The Real Surf City

I currently reside in the real Surf City, Huntington Beach, Ca. Now if this doesn't stir up a hornets nest, nothing ever will. Come on, I'm ready!!! Let me have it good!!!


archy rice said...

I must state unequivocally.........!!!! that you sir..!! are full of crap........!!!! and so is your dog..!!

arch said...

hey dip stick.. Did Ispell unequicvocally right?..!!..""

rice said...

I will submit all future comments to you for correction prior to submission,

Spin Evans said...

Archie, you spell any damn well way you please. You always get you point across, either verbally or physically. But I do detect a little hostility in your voice.

ponytail said...

Say there Spin, these guys mean business. If that troublemaker Archyhas a serious 'problema con su perro' tell him as far as you know, San Onofre State Surf Beach is widely known as a family dog beach BTW, what's pooch's name. I stand close to 90 years, and wondered why beachgoers don't like animals. I don't understand, do you. I sure you do. My nephew said there once was a chao at Old 'Nofre 'Dip Stick'. Can you believe it. I can't.

Spin Evans said...

Archie has and always will be a troublemaker.

My 150lb Rottweiler I named after my favorite surf hero and legend.

Murphy!!!! Gad Zookes!!

Off to San-O for the weekend. Everybody be nice now.

Anonymous said...

Loved HB.
Loved that picture of you getting towed in that Murphy just posted.
Feel the love?

Anonymous said...

Spin, you named your hound Murphy. What is wrong with you, anyways. Incidently, what is a dip-stick? I know what a finger-bowl is, but a dip-stick. As Murphy would say, "Yowzah!"


murphy said...

Spin, thank you. I'm humbled.

merriam webster said...

#42, there is no such word as dip-stick. Dipstick.

Definition of Dipstick:

1. A graduated rod for measuring the depth or amount of liquid in a container, as of oil in a crankcase.
2. Slang A person regarded as foolish or contemptible.

Spin Evans said...

a dipstick is your Johnson and can be used to measure the depth of liquid in a very special container.

Also, as a way of saying good bye such as "don't get any lipstick on you're dipstick".

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