Friday, May 30, 2008

A Trip to the Beach on a Sunny Day

The teacher asked the children to draw a picture for the theme "A Trip to the Beach on a Sunny Day." The drawings would then be placed on the walls in the classroom for Open House, an evening when all the children bring their families to school to see their work displayed.

The teacher had a problem with this drawing by my niece, and did not put it up with the drawings by the other children.

For the school's Open House in two weeks, the whole family is going in T shirts with the drawing printed on them. Subtle, eh?


sidney carton jr. said...

Dad, I wished you'd not posted the illustration. You remember Danny, his younger brother Horace was attacked at San Onofre State Beach last and did lose his leg. Maybe, I shouldn't say this but you owe these readers an apology.

Anonymous said...

Sicknee, why do all those beach thugs walk around clutchingh red plastic cups. Who do they think they kidding anyhow? Those plastic reds are an invitation to the rangers, especially the ones working weekends.

Wednesday Addams said...

I want one!

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