Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sea More Productions Visits Archy

Sea Mores limo was parked next to Archys rig today, I wonder whats up their sleeve. Something BIG is in the works?


bleakest said...

H E L L O ! Shotzy, this is an altogether time frame. Try to keep up.

henry ford said...

Shotzy, you need to go back to remedial blogging.

federal bureau of investigation said...

we are taking a closer look at you regarding interstate blog posting theft.

casting agent said...

we're trying to find local surf stars who will pay Sea More to be in our new film.

Anonymous said...

You guys over at San-O Daze are classic. Thanks for all the laughs and good times.

p.s. Allan C. Moore also thanks you for keeping his name in the mix.

Anonymous said...

Our pleasure, Anonymous #1.

Have you heard the one that begins

Mrs. C. Moore and a priest walk into a bar ?

Or perhaps the limerick that begins:

Mrs. C. Moore came from Nantucket

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