Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Schwarzenegger Supports The Toll Road

You can email Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
to tell him you oppose the Toll Road going through San Onofre State Park.


Anonymous said...

Sydney, why are you not in favor of the 241. Is it because you don't want to step on Club members toes. Or maybe, you believe it's going to ruin our precious Trestles. I know you're familiar with Chicken Little, Turkey Lurkey, and that the sky is falling lot. This is hillarios: People are led to believe 241's going along the sand from Saving Trestles to, get this, Sydney, Las Pulgas, destroying Old 'Nofre on the way. And you know who "people" are, don't you?

tony baloney said...

Hey now, I do. They like to think they're incitors.


You take the high road, I'll take the low road. Whenever the train shall meet.

Anonymous said...

God bless our Goveror Arnold. I reside in the Inland Empire, the 241 toll road saves gas, tine, and money, especially with fuel nearing $19.00 a gallon. Let ne say it again
God love you.

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