Thursday, May 08, 2008

Meet Doc

Meet Doc. He comes to Dog Patch early in the morning to walk for his health. He's full of all kinds of interesting stories. He really enjoys sharing his views of a strict diet (organic foods, no sugar, no added salt, minimal fat) and a daily exercise routine; for which he credits his long healthy life. He makes his own beachwear. I agree his beachwear is different, but he's actually a very nice guy.


fats flannighan said...

we need to get a pair of those board shorts for Archie.

the clam said...

'Surfwise' the movie about Doc and his family, since Tuesday grossed $18,000,000
nationwide. It is a large hit. The Doc's tribe deserves the recognition. Apparently, they started San Onofre from scratch.

Anonymous said...

Then it's true. I heard and read about them in all the magazines and TV. Good for them. Bravo, Doc.

#16 (a)

nelson von nofre' said...

its true, doc even carved the road down to the beach with spades and shovels, planted trees and installed make shift latrines. He will be forever in our debt.

spud binkle said...

I heard that Henry Ford is the illegimate child of the Doc.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey, Spud. How'd you find that out?


Anonymous said...

Wow, there's almost a line up on top for curiosity nuts waiting to see the Paskowitz clan arrive to the beach doing a photo session for Entertainment Today magazine. Looks as if this is a harbinger for things to come.

Dr. Dorian Paskowitz, MD said...

Thank you all for your support.

bruce brown said...

in my 50 years in Surf Movies nothing matches what this family has achieved. This is a veritible block buster.

Harem Scarem said...

This is "Doc."

He is not Doc Paskowitz.

He is also not
Doc Holiday
Doc Severinsen
Dr. Spock
Dr. Who
Dr. Kildare
Dr. Livingstone
Dr. Ruth
Dr. Laura
Dr. Martin Luther King
Dr. Watson
Dr. Jekyll
Dr. J
Dr. Dre
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Winston O'Boogie

I know you know who Dr. Winston O’Boogies was.
That’s right, he was John Lennon.
He used a pseudonym when he wrote songs with Harry Nilsson.
You know what a pseudonym is, don’t you?
I know you did.

the clam said...

Harem, I sure love your style.

Anonymous said...

Hi Harem, I know you know Arnold Tucker, Glen Davis, Rip Rowan, but best of all, you guessed it, yep,
Mr.Inside, Doc Blanchard. See, I told you so.


surfwise said...

Doc Paskowitz is a good guy. You can email the real Doc Paskowitz here:

This is his business email address, but he will respond and he is always happy to hear from people.

lamb chop said...

So that's where my other sock went.

Moon Phase