Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jan Michael Vincent Sues San-O Daze

Just confirmed, he is suing the blog over slanderous attacks against his character.


father time said...

UR, you're not going to bamboozle us. That photo is a Club member not

Larry H. Jacoby and Meyers said...

Hardly worth the effort for Puttzle's coffee mug and blue socks.

SOSC BOD said...

JMV still is a member in good standing and we are still very proud of his achievements.

nature boy said...

Litigation against SOSC BOD is fruitless. They petioned for Chapter 13 in Vista Superior Cour.

Anonymous said...

TUBESTEAK is coming and boy is he pissed.


burt merlot said...

thats a great photo but that
is not j.m.v thats Q ball they
do look like twins

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