Tuesday, February 03, 2009


As far as I am concerned the Democrats can kiss my ass,
they absolutely have no balls.
The Republicans, they can't even find their ass.
What we need is a revolution with a third party to emerge.
The " TARP" money that is about to be appropriated is being pulled out of our ass.
That's right, we are the ones that are going to take the brunt of all of this.
Stand up now and do something. I want you to get mad as hell.


wiped out said...

But, what can we do do help, Dr.Ralph, sir?

Voter said...

Dr. Ralph 2012.

Anonymous said...

"...a bunch of guys at San Onofre sitting around strumming their their ukeleles and singing Hawaiian songs...."

OB said...

Hubba Hubba!

BABY WIPES said...

Hey, where's the 60% chance of rain?

Moon Phase