Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Anonymous said...



I told you so said...

Obama signed the massive pork bill today and the Dow dropped almost 300 points to close at 7552.60. More change we can believe in.

Anonymous said...

It took Bush eight years to destroy the surplus, start a terribly wasteful, lingering war, destroy the stock market and housing market and make the world dislike us very much. Obama can't fix it the very day a bailout bill is passed.

But, if you limited your foolish comments to the topic of SURFING, maybe we could have some fun here.

Just the Facts said...

Look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average starting with the beginning of Bush's 2nd term:

01/20/05 - 10,471
01/03/07 - 12,474 Democrats take over a majority in Congress
10/01/07 - 14,087 Start the first fiscal year of Democrat controlled Congress
01/02/08 - 13,727
04/02/08 - 12,608
07/02/08 - 11,215

08/27/08 - 11,502 Barack Obama nominated by his party
10/02/08 - 10,482 End of the first fiscal year of Dem. controlled Cong. Dow dropped back to where it was on the first day of Bush’s second term.
In one year of Democratic appropriation bills, the Dow Jones erased 4,000 points and moved back to the beginning of Bush's 2nd term.

02/10/09- 7,889 Today’s close.

The DJIA has dropped 44% since 10/01/07, the start of the first fiscal year of the Democrat controlled Congress. The federal deficit began its wild escalation at the same time, as a veto-proof majority in Congress could pass into law any and all spending bills and President Bush was unable to veto those bills because Congress could override his veto.

Barack Obama was nominated on August 27, 2008. On that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 11,502.51. The DJIA closed today at 7888.88, a 31% drop in less than 6 months since Obama was nominated.

This recession cannot be blamed on President Bush. It is the Democrat recession brought about by the non-management of Freddie and Fannie, by obscene amounts of deficit spending, and by the market’s wariness of the Obama administration’s so-called stimulus plan.

In fairness, many of the congressional Republicans share part of the blame for behaving like Democrats, adding earmarks to bills, and wanting to be fiscal ‘moderates’.

So y'all wanted change because of Republican deficit spending. Republicans are pikers. If you really want to see deficit spending you need Dimocrats to show you how it's done.

Anonymous said...

My point is, that this is supposed to be a blog about surfing, not your personal economic theories. There are plenty of other places for your vitriol against Democrats, liberals, gays, blacks, or whoever else you don't like. Surfing....get it?

Beware! said...

Anytime someone bitches about them not posting surfing stuff, they tend to do exactly that and not post any surfing stuff.

Anonymous said...

If you mean me, I am not a poster, just a viewer.

But, surfing is great fun, I like it, and I like surfing with everyone, liberals, conservatives, apoliticals and even kooks, if they are well behaved. I even like surfing with long boarders, if they hold onto their boards and act otherwise politely.

Shotzy Shaffer said...

Hey Anonymous, I know who you are and I am going to sick f-ing ARCHY RICE on you, you will tap out quickly and submit to his perverted requests, c-u at da beach!

Anonymous said...

No, I am not THAT Anonymous.

I'm the one from way, way up north. Big, cold, brutal.

I think this "blog" is way weak, and will not use your electrons any longer.

I thought it was about surfing. It is apparently a forum for conservative politics, racism, xenophobia, and such.

And no, just because a person is over 60 does not mean he has to ride weak waves on a Thai popout longboard. Lots of over-60 guys up here ride hand-made short boards.

Sorry to bother you.

Eye Know said...

Do not f--k with Archy or Shotzy!

They can be brutal!

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